If you're in a relationship, marriage, or dating situation with a man who's unresponsive to your requests and needs (even if you just want to "talk" about something you desire, or that's bothering you)...

You Can Quickly Turn Everything Around:

  • Learn the secrets of how to talk to a man - and teach him how to talk to you
  • Watch as he falls deeper for you, and suddenly WANTS to become a better man for you
  • Learn how he thinks, what he feels, and what will make him want to fully commit to you - only you, without hesitation - every day of the rest of his life
  • Find out what makes him want to think about your needs (instead of "checking-out")
  • Learn how to teach him to be a great life partner for you (and exactly how to inspire him to WANT to be a great life-partner!)
  • Fully recover from a rough patch in a relationship, and start fresh with a completely new Relationship Dynamic
  • Discover how it all comes down to a decision about what you deserve...

...And hear it all from a masculine point of view.

How To Talk To A Man (8)

You can get the real answers you need from an Executive Coach and Mediator who deals every day with tough conversations, high-stakes situations and difficult relationships: Jeffrey Mark Levine

If you missed Jeffrey's live "How To Talk To A Man" Masterclass - you now can get all the information, Scripts and instructions in the "How To Talk To A Man" ebook, for only $17.99:

In The "How To Talk To A Man" ebook
You'll Learn:

*...what a man's "first-things-first" "Filter" is - and how to start even a high-stakes conversation in a way he'll hear... so he won't run from you the moment you want to talk about something important to you...

*...how to create a "Security Umbrella" around a man so he'll WANT to talk to you!

* What works and what doesn't work with a man when you want to talk about what you want, what you need - and what you need from HIM...

* What to do if he starts pulling away during a conversation...

And so much more..


If Your Experience With A Man Is Feeling Like This:

  • He's sullen, withdrawn, angry, gone missing emotionally, slacking on his "duties" as a husband and parent, or "taking the easy way" of "not doing much" to move your relationship forward and leaving it all to you...
  • Everything feels too "touchy" to even talk about...
  • You aren't getting your needs met, and he doesn't seem to notice or care...
  • You suspect foul play...
  • Instead of being concerned with your feelings, he's consumed by his own...
  • Instead of being the partner you want and need, he feels more like "a piece of work..."
  • You feel more distance between you than closeness, and have no idea how to bridge the gap...

You can solve your situation.

Only - the solution isn't what you've been taught.

From Jeffrey:

I will not tell you to be "nice."

Instead of hard-to-implement, and horribly transparent and ineffective "strategies" - you'll get new skills, Tools, words, and tons and tons of "Scripts" to smooth out the conflicts in your relationship.

In "How To Talk To A Man", you'll learn exactly how a man sees, feels and perceives everything you say - and how the words you use can make all the difference.

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How To Talk To A Man will help you solve arguments, tensions, "discussions," outright fights, and give you the words you need to ask for what you want - no matter what state, situation or timing your relationship is in right now.

Plus: The How To Talk To A Man techniques, directions, instructions, information and scripts are laid out so clearly and simply  - you'll be able to learn and follow them incredibly quickly.