Attract Love Like Never Before

Naomie Thompson is a dating and relationship coach living on the south coast of England.

Naomie and I talk about the power of connecting with your own vulnerability and what that looks like in your relationship. And we explore this whole idea of “holding space” – what that really means.

In her coaching practise Naomie guides you to be loved and cherished through a process of learning what you’re doing that’s keeping love away, uncovering the hidden beliefs you have (that sabotage love or have you constantly attracting the wrong partners) and bringing you back to your soft, magnetic feminine self, your true nature.

She helps women attract deep connected love by being more themselves than they’ve ever dared to be.

Something a masculine energy man craves more than anything in a partner is a woman in her warm feminine energy, who can express her vulnerable feelings, receive what he gives her and trust him to lead the relationship.

If that feels impossible right now, Naomie has the skill, heart and compassion to get you there.

You can connect with Naomie at

And if you’re looking to deepen the emotional intimacy and connection with your partner, please reach out to Jeffrey at for both individual and couples coaching. 

Music: Gemma Matoesian – vocals, Jeffrey Levine – guitar, ukulele

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