You Don't Always Have To Give Up On A Man...

If your man is withdrawn, disconnected, and avoids talking about everything that's important to you - it feels more than lonely.

It feels frustrating, painful, and nearly impossible to not feel angry.

It makes you want to give up on him...


In the middle of so much pain and frustration, especially when you've given so much time and love to a man, it's really hard to find the right words to communicate how you feel. 

If you're stuck in a situation, and your man won't even try to help fix it, it can feel hopeless.


♥He's been close to unfaithful - texting with his ex, swiping "just for fun", investigating porn, hanging out at the bar he used to hang out at, and with the friends he used to hang out with - until he started his relationship with you...

♥He's a shut-down guy. He has no idea what to say when when you're trying to fix a problem, and he'd rather just disappear...

♥He's unreliable about so many things, and the more you try to fix it - the worse he gets...

♥He's such a good son and friend, he puts his mother, sister and friends ahead of you - and it feels infuriating because it makes you feel unimportant...

♥He's got "anger issues" - and the moment you try to talk to him, he either clams up, or gets defensive and starts a fight...

So many difficult situations, and yours is absolutely unique.


I'm Jeffrey Mark Levine, and over my career as a corporate executive coach and mediator, I've worked with so many strong women who've exhausted themselves trying to get men to "hear" them. 

When I realized this was happening to them not just at work - but in their romantic lives, too -  I was able to help them create dramatic results in every level of their lives, just by using the mediation and "Difficult Conversations" methods I've worked with my entire career - and then turning them into the very specific How To Talk To A Man tools and scripts.

If you're feeling suspicious of a man telling you what to do to save your relationship, or to begin a great one - I understand.

"Mansplaining" is offensive to anyone it's directed at - yet, the advantage of having a man in your corner can be invaluable.

I can tell you how a man sees things, how he hears your words, why he may have reacted the way he did - and how to turn things around - because I'm a man.

And, as a man in a great, long-time marriage with a powerful and well-known woman, and a long career helping women in the workplace to "deal with men" - I give you a very specific male perpective.

And a male perspective is crucial here - because I can focus on words, conversations, and solving problems in a way that a man can absorb.

A way that makes him want to join with you in solving things.

To help you get a feel for how the How To Talk To A Man methods and techniques might help you breakthrough to him, here's the story of one of my clients, Beth, who was happy and in love with James - and then, when things started to fall apart, she felt everything you might feel in that situation.

It's terrifying to feel like you're going to lose a love you feel devoted to, and Beth was on the edge of giving up, no matter how painful that felt.


"I can't get him to hear me”, Beth said.

"We can't even talk to each other without fighting. He just doesn't get it, I’ve tried everything, and I don't know what to do..."

Beth is strong and truly caring, and even when she went to bed frustrated and emotionally wrung out - she woke up with fierce determination and a new plan.

If you're experiencing this, too, then you know what happened next:

Beth's new plan was based on her same, old plan...

It was based on her old pattern of trying to get James to hear her, to try to get through his "thick skull" - and get him to at least acknowledge that he needed to see her side of things and...then: change!

Though we've all heard that "You can't change anyone else, you can only change yourself..." - it's not really true!

You CAN change someone else.

Or, said another way, you can be the reason they change.

You CAN get your man to WANT to change, once you learn how to talk to him - even in the toughest situation.

To give you clear instructions, scripts, a direct explanation of "why" your man is behaving the way he is - and the basic"How To Talk To A Man" tools you can quickly learn to use with a man right now - everything from my Masterclasses is now distilled into the "How To Talk To A Man" ebook, here, for only $17.99:


If a man WANTS to change, he can change.

And you  are the catalyst.

*You are the fire lit under him, the motivation and inspiration for him to WANT to change.

And, even when it's hard for a man who's stuck in old, painful patterns to change, you are still actually able to create real, dramatic, lasting change in the relationship itself.

Yes, it takes "two to Tango", and if a man doesn't even want to dance, it's hard, no matter how much energy and brilliance you put into YOUR "moves", to get him up to the dance floor.

To even get him started.

You can start him right now...

Here's How Beth Got James "Started":

Using Step #1 of "3 Steps" - Beth completely dropped her "plan" for the relationship.

She stopped "working" at the relationship at all. 

This may sound simple and easy - yet, it was likely the hardest part for Beth: Stopping the "fixing" process that felt like the "only way"- and without going "cold" on James - made her feel helpless...until she got going with Steps #2:

Here, using Step #2, Beth committed herself to the core How To Talk To A Man Tool: "Everything Is Talkaboutable". 

Yes, this title sounds "cute" - and easy - yet, what it means is this: "Everything You Feel, Everything That's Important To You, Is On The Table To Be Talked About. Period."  

And, yes, this is the opposite of what a man might be telling you, and what most of us - not just women - have been taught.

We've ALL been taught to "clam up" about almost everything personal - especially men - which is why we men have so much trouble hearing you!

And this is where you truly change the situation: You teach, train, assist, coach, completely re-do a man's reluctance to "talk" without EVER "telling, showing, suggesting, explaining, going sideways, hinting, or finally getting angry"!

Instead, you give your moments with a man - any man - a completely different feel by allowing him to experience YOUR OWN direct, straightforward, authentic, even painful and difficult expressions of your wants, needs and feelings.

As a man, I can tell you that being in the presence of a woman who's "speaking her truth" is an awe-inspiring experience.

And when she's talking about us men, yes, it might be scary, it might feel upsetting, it might trigger all kinds of stuff inside us - but it's also incredibly, powerfully attractive.

It changes things, and in a good way, fast.

So, once Beth committed to the idea that expressing herself was not just "okay" - but necessary and crucial - she began Step #3.

Now, she started to use the How To Talk To A Man instructions and Scripts to speak to James in a whole new, completely direct way.

She began to "Speak Her Truth".

Whenever you start something new in an important relationship, it can feel terrifying (and, believe me, men feel plenty terrified a lot of the time).

So, because Beth felt understandably afraid that this kind of direct conversation (plus the emotion she expected to feel) would only push James further away, she started small.

She started with words, sentences, responses and requests, just the way they're written out in the How To Talk To A Man ebook instructions.

She started by zeroing in on what she REALLY wanted, and realized she had WAY more emotions, needs and wants than she'd thought she had.

Beth also realized that, because she hadn't felt secure about how to express any of those emotions to James before now - she'd been hiding most of those emotions, wants and needs from him.

She'd been focusing on "results" instead of on expressing what she wanted and needed, and now, as she began to share her deepest feelings, she saw something shift inside James.

How James Surprised Beth (And Himself) With His Unexpected Response:

All of a sudden, James felt the pressure on him change.

Actually - it went away.

At first, James was confused.

Suddenly, without Beth's clear interest in moving their relationship forward always present - he felt a bit lost without something to "push back against"!

He had nothing to argue about, walk away from, blow off, or defend.

And, all of a sudden he could "see" Beth more clearly.

It was as though this "veil' had lifted off of her, and now she was in vivid color, full 3-D.

He hadn't realized how disconnected he'd felt all this time - and, though this new, vivid connection with Beth felt uncomfortable - it also felt exciting.

All of a sudden he felt more interested in Beth.  More curious.


Because, suddenly, Beth wasn't "all about him."

She was now "all about Beth."

And he liked that.

And what he liked even more was how she was now smiling at him, and how she now seemed softer, more vulnerable and open to him.

He felt more trusted.

It made him feel proud and capable. Things he didn't normally feel.

Now, Beth Was Able To Inspire James To Open Up Even More To Love

What happened next for Beth is what happens to most everyone who experiences a major shift in a relationship:

With this new "feeling" to the relationship, Beth felt both uncomfortable and wonderful - and  instinctively wanted to abandon her new How To Talk To A Man instructions.

She instinctively wanted to go back to "pushing for results" - and why Beth had a great outcome (and you will too, when you follow what Beth did) - is that she didn't "go back".

Instead, with the help of the How To Talk To A Man tools that were already working for her - Beth stuck with "Everything Is Talkaboutable", and just kept doing what she was doing.

She started bravely taking more chances by talking about even the more difficult and scary things she was feeling.

That's when everything changed for good.

The details of "The 3 Steps" Beth took are included for you with the How To Talk To A Man ebook as a full Guide, so you'll be able to see how the How To Talk To A Man directions work in real life, with a real man - and then apply them to your own situation.

You can instantly download the How To Talk To A Man ebook, with "Beth's 3 Steps" Guide here for only $17.99:


I know this is a lot to consider.

When my clients begin, there's just so much that feels impossible to "fix".

There's so much history, anger, frustration and pain.

Yet, if you're still feeling love for a man - or WANT to feel love with men who never seem to "see you" and "hear you"  - there's really a surprising "lot" you can do.

Sometimes, and I've seen this in my clients over and over - all it takes is a tiny shift in the way you "say" things.

Just a tiny shift in how much you hide, and how much you're willing to open up to him about.

Just a tiny shift in how much respect you feel for him, and how you choose your words.

It's quite amazing how flexible men are - even though we sometimes seem stuck in old, unhelpful ways and patterns.

You, as a woman, have the ability to heal a lot of pain.

Your pain, his pain, past pain and future pain.

You and a man can emerge from the trauma of dissatisfaction and frustration as a "team" - instead of fighting like gladiators.

And the gamble of taking a first step to some real answers and solutions is always worth taking.

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I look forward to hearing from you, learning about your own unique situation, and perhaps, soon getting your permission to share your new success story, alongside Beth's.

Sincerely, Jeffrey Mark Levine