How To Bring Out The Intimacy And Closeness

Dr. Nethra Samarawickrema supports individuals and couples through her coaching practice called “Find Your Yes.”

She teaches couples key skills for building intimacy using her toolkit called “Communication for Co-Creation.”

Her clients learn how to design an intentional relationship, by listening for each other’s needs, and by creating agreements that can hold these needs while adapting them to change as they both grow.

Please visit her website,

Nethra also runs the Lab for Listening with her collaborator Yuri Zaitsev, where they train people how to transform conflicts into opportunities for connection. At

And if you’re looking to deepen the emotional intimacy and connection with your partner, please reach out to Jeffrey at for both individual and couples coaching. To pick up his ebook “How To Talk To A Man”, <– click here, for more insights, tools and ideas.

Music: Gemma Matoesian – vocals; Jeffrey Levine – guitar, ukulele
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