How To Express Your Needs So He Can Hear Them

Benson Scott is a restorative justice practitioner, specializing in mediation and education. One of my earliest memories of Benson is watching him mediate for a couple, in a workshop, and I was blown away by how skilled he was in bringing clarity and connection to both participants. In this episode, he shares with us what he’s learned after years of practice, about connection in a relationship.

Benson works with couples and families, and he is involved in creating a restorative justice family retreat, scheduled for July 2022.

When I’m feeling triggered, when I’m feeling super strong emotions that might make me say things I could regret later, I need to ask for a pause, and to language it just like that – ‘I need to pause here because I’m feeling too upset or angry, whatever it is… and can we reconvene in 15 minutes?’

You can reach Benson at [email protected].

And if you’re looking to deepen the emotional intimacy and connection with your partner, please reach out to Jeffrey at for both individual and couples coaching. 

Music: Gemma Matoesian – vocals, Jeffrey Levine – guitar, ukulele

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