Join The How To Talk To A Man Community Group With Jeffrey Mark Levine


As a corporate executive coach, working not only individually with managers, leaders and executives, but with groups of managers, leaders and executives at all levels - I know how important the support and information you get from group sessions is incredibly valuable.

For my private clients in How To Talk To A Man private coaching sessions, the desire to meet with and work within a "group" of other highly intelligent, thoughtful and successful women, alongside their private sessions with me,  is great.

The information and support you get within a group experience is powerful for so many reasons:

*You don't feel alone in your frustrating situation when you see and hear what other women are experiencing. Being a successful woman in so many areas of your life can often feel at odds with being successful in your romantic relationship life)...

*You feel understood, "got", appreciated, supported - and never judged! - just by being in the same virtual, online room with other women working alongside you through the How To Talk To A Man tools and information...

* You see and hear coaching, advice and wisdom that may be specifically an answer for another woman - yet creates an "aha" moment for you  that helps you solve your situation...

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The How To Talk To A Man Community Group happens on a Saturday every month, and because it's designed to personally answer your questions and help solve your romantic situation in a group atmosphere, it will stay small.

If you'd like to join my clients in getting new advice, new ways to Talk To A Man you can apply to your unique situation, all in a small group environment that supports and uplevels your relationship success - sign up here for this month's group meeting for only $97.