The Secret To Getting Your Needs Met

Greta Grace, LMFT has over 30 years of professional therapy experience, specializing in couples, individuals and sexual education. She is committed to your empowerment through the cultivation of skills and resources to create vibrant intimacy and an optimized life.

From Southern Belle to Seminary to Sexual Educator, Greta Grace is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Intimacy Coach. Her Master’s Degrees in Divinity and Psychology are the foundation for an education that includes the lifelong study of Modern Psychology, Ancient Wisdom and Sacred Sexuality.

In this episode we discuss how to move from disconnection to reconnection in relationships.

And how couples can grow from falling in love to rising in love.

And how these skills can solve many of the common relationship problems.

“When we move away from the storms and chaos and blame, shame, criticism, disconnection of emotions and feelings, we can listen for what the need is underneath the feeling. Because the need is where the traction is. And it’s supporting women to not only talk about their feelings, but talk about their desire for connection, for contact, for being heard or seen.” – Greta Grace

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Music: Gemma Matoesian – vocals; Jeffrey Levine – guitar, ukulele

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